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Busted 5 to 10

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Flashing lights in the rear view mirror
Of a truck full of guns and beer and stolen cash
“I’m sorry officer, none of it’s mine!
I was forced to take this to a bad, bad, man.
A criminal mastermind named Billy Bob.
If you promise me mercy I’ll give him up.
I’ll take you to his cabin and he’ll be…”

Busted 5 to 10
They’ll drag you out and take you in
Before the judge to face your sin, busted, 5 to 10
Busted, 5 to 10
They’ll find you guilty and then
They’ll throw your butt right in the pen
Busted, 5 to 10

Stumbling out, hands on head, staring down rifle barrels
Cuffed and slammed onto the Sheriff’s car
The court-appointed lawyer was worth every penny
“Zach told us everything, just sign right here.
It’ll be best for you to do what you’re told.
Make it fast and easy and because you know you are…”

Busted, 5 to 10
I’ll dress you up and take you in
Before the judge to face your sin, busted, 5 to 10
Busted, 5 to 10
Then he’ll find you guilty and then
He’ll throw you right into the pen
Busted, 5 to 10

Sharing a cell with the nicest guy
Soft bed, no worries, playing ball in the yard
Never slept so well or laughed so much
Hanging with my pals over pruno and a spread
My behavior was so good, made parole in 3
There were tears and hugs at my farewell
They made me a card that I’ll always cherish
Of the pleasant memories of best time of my life when I was…

Busted, 5 to 10
I sure enjoyed my time within
I hope one day that I’ll again be busted, 5 to 10
Busted, 5 to 10
I feel no shame about my sin
I need to get back in the pen and get
Busted, 5 to 10

Walking out the gate I saw a limo with the back door open
The man inside waved and welcomed me in
He wore a thousand dollar suit and a 10 dollar cowboy hat
He said “William, your song was a huge success.
Now get in your car and I’ll tell you all about it.

At your mansion we’ll need to discuss your future.
Now that you’re out, everyone wants to hear more.
Prison must have given you a lot to sing about.
Now let’s turn that anger and frustration into even bigger hits.”