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The official music video for our 2022 Christmas song Lights! Red, Green, and Silver is on YouTube!


Our Christmas 2022 song is here! This one is called Lights! Red, Green, and Silver. Give it a listen on Spotify.

Lights! Red, Green, and Silver


Making it Small in MusicHave you heard our podcast Making it Small in Music yet? Every month we sit down with an amateur or local pro for a heart-to-heart about what makes being a small, unknown musician so amazing!

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Barker & Broski presents Christmas Extravaganza

2022-12-17 19:00

Unity Vibrations

Ypsilanti, MI

Barker & Broski will bring in several friends for a Christmas themed evening.

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Lights! Red, Green, and Silver


Our Christmas song for 2022 takes lyrical inspiration from traditional religious hymns such as "Hark! the Herald Angels Sing" and "We Three Kings" and musical inspiration from the symphonic metal of Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

It may be a little too outside of the box for a beloved holiday carol, but we can't help ourselves.

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Barker & Broski make upbeat, whimsical songs out of two voices and lots of drums and guitar.


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