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A Coal Country Christmas

Battle of the Ides of March

Be My Baby Tonight

Buckle Up, Buttercup

Busted 5 to 10

Cell Mother

Dancing River

December 24th, 1829 (Get a Larder Full)

Dollar Store Christmas

Don't Make Our Love Like a Drive-by Shooting

Dystopian Waltz


Granny Hillbane

Granny Hillbane (Reprise)

I Fell in Love in Cell Block D

I Lost My Paradigm

I've Got the Blues Again

It’s All By Design

Laying Low

My Old Friends

My Troubles

Old Jed

Old Man in the Mirror

One Step at a Time

Please Break My Heart


Son of a Coal Miner

State Fair Rodeo Queen

Surf Zombie

The 'Possum Song

The Best Thing to Be Is Poor

Two Stepping Girl

Waiting on a Heartbreak

What's with All the Commotion?

Work in a Coal Mine

Yat Dot Dada Dot Dot Dada Yat Da Da Da

You're an Accomplice