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A Coal Country Christmas

Battle of the Ides of March

Be My Baby Tonight

Buckle Up, Buttercup

Busted 5 to 10

Cell Mother

Dancing River

December 24th, 1829 (Get a Larder Full)

Dollar Store Christmas

Don't Make Our Love Like a Drive-by Shooting

Dystopian Waltz


Granny Hillbane

Granny Hillbane (Reprise)

I Fell in Love in Cell Block D

I Lost My Paradigm

I've Got the Blues Again

It’s All By Design

Laying Low

Lights! Red, Green, and Silver

My Old Friends

My Troubles

Old Jed

Old Man in the Mirror

One Step at a Time

Please Break My Heart


Son of a Coal Miner

State Fair Rodeo Queen

Surf Zombie

The 'Possum Song

The Best Thing to Be Is Poor

Two Stepping Girl

Waiting on a Heartbreak

What's with All the Commotion?

Work in a Coal Mine

Yat Dot Dada Dot Dot Dada Yat Da Da Da

You're an Accomplice