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Laying Low

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We were wearing masks but they saw your face
You’d better stay out of sight
'til the heat dies down
If they catch you they might get to me
So you’d better not talk if you know what’s good for you

You need to lay low

I’m stuck in this cabin with no food or TV
I’m gonna starve and go crazy
Relax, I’ll take care of you
Remember I helped you so don’t you dare give me up
I’ll have Bobbi Sue bring you supplies

To help you lay low

The most glorious thing I’ve ever seen
Is Bobbi Sue carrying moon pies, a 6-pack and an old guitar
Please stay and talk, it’s so lonely out here
I’ll play you a song and you can share my beer

While I lay low

Nature is beautiful
Swimming and fishing and playing guitar
While I wait for her I wrote this song
And I play it all day long